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To be quite honest, I really had no idea what to expect before starting the CHL class… I was completely surprised at the level of passion that was displayed during our session. One of the most memorable moments from today’s training was being on the range and having such expertise and guidance regarding different close range scenarios. I have learned so much from your teachings, and I came out of today’s session with more comfort regarding concealed carry and I am eager to learn more, and craft my skills.



25 y/o Molecular Genetics Student

27 April 2014

The [PSNW Oregon CHL] course was informative and well planned. I like the focus on the 4 principals of firearms safety and the responsibilies of real life situational awareness. I would recommend this to anyone, new or experienced.

April, 2015

Brett is a super responsible, engaging instructor with a comprehensive curriculum. Highly recommend this class to every verbal human, even if you never intend to won a firearm.

April, 2015