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Handgun: Oregon Concealed Handgun License, Advanced Concealed Carry, Personal Protection, Defense of Others

Offered in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Carbine: Introduction To

Fighting Shotgun: Introduction To


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Bushcraft 101: Bushcraft is about living in the wild, not getting out of it

Advanced Bushcraft Skills: This is a field exercise where you will put your skills into practice

Wilderness Survival:

Wilderness Survival 101: This training is about getting back to civilization in one piece

Advanced Survival Skills: Your ability will be tested through this field exercise…


Canning 101:

Classroom lecture- Water Bath and Pressure Canning

Emergency Preparedness 101:

It’s a lifestyle change

Earthquake preparation/mitigation:

Hardening your home, and preparing yourself for an earthquake

Financial preparedness:

There is SO much more to Emergency Preparedness than beans and bullets

Food Storage:

101:  Introduction to methods, controls, use, and rotation

Advanced techniques such as canning, dehydrating, pickling, and jerking